Three people can have identical experiences growing up and all of them will end up with different life stories. Why – well there are 3 factors involved. Firstly what choices they make and why they make them. Secondly the way they see themselves and their ability to create change in their lives and lastly whether they hang onto the past or let it go. There are plenty of people, myself included, who have a past which is littered with experiences which could easily have been their downfall.

Some people hang onto the past so they don’t have to be accountable for their life – “Oh its all my parents fault”. Some people use their experiences as excuses as to why they can’t do anything about their life and some create a future which mimics the past.

Yes what happened in the past may have been traumatic, horrible and life changing. I have those stories to tell too. The scars don’t go away. HOWEVER we all have the ability to choose a different future and that happens when we hold ourselves accountable for our choices big and small and we align them with who we were born to be and the life we were born to have. We all have this ability not some us us – all of us! The past has ceased to exist its hold on you is only what you choose to make it….it can be an anchor keeping you where you are or a push to get you where you need to be.

Don’t let you past determine your future. Learn how to make healthy choices on a daily basis in all areas of your life. No one else can create what you want except you! Take ownership, accept responsiblity, cut the anchor which has kept you where you are, hoist the sails and steer a course towards a brighter future!

Much Love Robin

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