I am all for goals, pushing yourself past your limitations and so forth however – if you keep wanting to be more and have more when do you ever find the peace which comes from being enough?

You have to find a way to be at peace with who you are and where you are right now. It might not be pretty and it doesn’t mean you don’t want to create change, it just means you don’t have to look outside yourself for validation of your worth.

You were born a divine child of unconditional love, a soul at peace. Somewhere along the way you let the world tell you that you weren’t enough, that you weren’t doing, saying or achieving the right things. Its true you came into the world with a God given purpose BUT you don’t have to prove anything to anybody. You don’t have to measure up you sinply have to show up and do the work you were born to do and here’s the kicker ONLY you will know what that is. Your job might be to spend your lfie being the best garbage man your street has ever known or your job may be to reach out and help the people in your community or your job may be to raise healthy children who change the world.

You will never be happy unless you can be at peace right now, in the place you are right now. Once you have achieved this then you will have the capacity to move mountains IF thats what you believe your purpose to be. Don’t let some new age guru tell you that you are not enough because you aren’t forging ahead at breakneck speed. Don’t let them convince you they know whats best for you – they don’t. Peace won’t come if you are running away from who you are and where you are….once you have acceptance of those things then you will move forward towards what you want.

You are enough….right now in this moment you are worthy of abundance in all of its forms….not being of something you did or who you have become BUT simply because you were born into this world.

Remember this always……

Much Love Robin

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