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I am not here to be average I am here to be awesome!
When people say to me “you are awesome”, I don’t go “No I am not, but thanks anyway.” I stand tall and go “why thank you!”
When people compliment me I don’t shy away from my awesomeness and refute what they obviously see in me.
Letting your light shine doesn’t dull the light of others, it allows them to see what is possible if you believe in yourself.
Yes – you are that F*cking awesome!
Be proud of your achievements, be your own cheering squad, pat yourself on your back and yell to the universe “Well done me!”
Being awesome isn’t about being perfect. Awesome women have been known to burp, fart and forget to pick the kids up from school. Awesome is walking through your fears despite being scared shitless. Awesome is waking up every morning and doing what needs to be done, even though you would rather be on a beach on a deserted island somewhere.
Awesome is being the best version of you. Awesome is the moment you realize “F**k yeah I’ve got this!”
Awesome is the moment you are able to look at your reflection in the mirror and truly love the person who looks back at you.
Awesome is when you don’t care anymore what others think about you and start living your life according to what you were put on the planet to do.
Awesome is understanding who you are and what you want and going after it.
We all have friends we look at and go “Oh my god I wish I was like her/him!”
“She is so strong or so smart or so calm or so fearless”
You are like her, you simply haven’t realized it yet. Your awesome may have got covered in untruths and hidden behind unhealthy stories you have told yourself – but it’s still there!
I can’t uncover it for you. I can only tell you about it. YOU are an incredible woman of unlimited potential. Even on your worst days, you have the ability to be truly awesome! Not perfect but f*cking awesome!
Go look in the mirror see the person I see and let me hear you say it out loud:

Thats my purpose to help you find your awesome – throough readings, posts, ebooks – which inspire and help you understand your roadblocks and challenges but also give you the tools you need to create the life you want!

Much Love Robin

I want to find my awesome!
I want to know about readings
I want to know about your ebooks
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“I chose the stalker board reading and I was blown away. Robin is genuine, authentic, kind, caring and honest. The reading I received was completely accurate and after hearing messages from my mum who passed last year through Robin..my hands were shaking, I was so thankful. I felt uplifted and a huge dark weight that had been suffocating me was lifted. Amazing Many Thanks to you Robin I am still blown away..You are a wonderful person and so helpful and real. Awesome!”

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