We all have that one friend who is forever in the midst of some drama….and for some reason we feel compelled to step right into it feet first. We all have work situations where something has happened and we feel compelled to open our mouths and become part of the storyline. Lets face it we are the rescuers, the fixers and wounded bird warriors.

But this is the question I ask myself now “IS IT MY BUSINESS?”

Is this anything to do with me and if the answer is no – why am I jumping in? I am a Psychic so I pick up on a lot of things but what my line of work has taught me is if I am not being asked for my advice I probably shouldn’t be giving it. If its a drama between two people and if nothing I did started it – why on earth would I want to get dragged into it? Families often have squabbles between siblings all of which become worst when someone steps in when they should have simply shut up.

IS IT YOUR BUSINESS? If its not why are you jumping into it?

There has to be a reason….what are you going to get out of it?

Are you trying to set one person against another, or are you wanting to be seen as the good guy the one who saves the day….ME unless its a life threatening situation I don’t give myself over to things which are mine to stay out of.

Just something to think about!

Much Love Robin

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