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I sold up everything I owned in 2004 and left Australia with a suitcase and a tin full of photos – you could say it was the ultimate leap of faith! I arrived in Edmonton in December to minus 40 degrees….welcome to Canada! People tell me all the time how brave I was but the truth is I wasn’t brave I was simply willing to take the next step and trust the Universe to take me where I needed to be.

I am not going to give you a long winded description of how great a psychic/medium I am or how I was descended from gyspies and so forth. Truth is I am just like you struggling each day to get through life’s challenges. I have walked the darkest hour so when I say “I know how that must feel” – I really do know.

All you need to know about me is that I have your back. – I am here to be of service to you. I am going to do everything in my power to help YOU create the life you deserve. Your success story is my success story.

If you are willing to take that next step….I am going to be right there taking it with you.

Don’t come to me expecting one line predictions and yes/no answers I am not THAT psychic.

I see those in Spirit BUT I prefer to allow each reading to unfold as it should allowing those in spirit the opportunity to come through IF that is what you NEED right now.

The one thing I tell EVERYONE who comes to me is “If you could see what I see when I look at you – then you would never doubt yourself again!”

I hope you will allow me the opportunity to say this to you!

Much Love Robin

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“I chose the stalker board reading and I was blown away. Robin is genuine, authentic, kind, caring and honest. The reading I received was completely accurate and after hearing messages from my mum who passed last year through Robin..my hands were shaking, I was so thankful. I felt uplifted and a huge dark weight that had been suffocating me was lifted. Amazing Many Thanks to you Robin I am still blown away..You are a wonderful person and so helpful and real. Awesome!”

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