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I genuinely care about YOU! EVERY reading I do is personal – because for a brief moment you allow me the honor of knowing, what being YOU is all about! I want you to have the life you deserve, one which is filled with happiness and belief in self. It is VERY important that you take the time to watch the video’s of my live broadcasts on Facebook. You need to KNOW who I am and what I do.

Nanaimo Psychic Medium Canada

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“I had my reading with Robin today and man she is awesome!!! She connected with my loved ones in a way that I knew without a doubt it was them. She does all this with her humour, kindness and compassion for a really great reading.”


“I had a Facebook video chat with Robin and it was great! She hit the nail on the head with everything she said. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with her and have recommended her to a lot of family and friends since.”


“Had a soul whisper party at my house last night with some amazing women.Robin was truly awesome !! I would highly recommend her lots of laughs and tears all good for the soul !!”

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Psychic/Mediumship Services

FB Video Call

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Email Reading

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Group Reading

$$90Per Hr
  • Max 4 people
  • Nanaimo Area

Group Reading Online

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Psychic Party

$50per person
  • 6 – 12 people
  • Women Only
  • Nanaimo Area
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